3D modeling

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3D Modeling

3D modeling is widely used in various industries, including mechanical and plant engineering, industrial architecture, product design, animation, visualization of production processes, simulation, and more.

In the industry, 3D modeling can be utilized to create prototypes and virtual models before the production process begins, enabling early verification and optimization of the design. This helps reduce production costs and avoids problems that may arise during the manufacturing process.

3D modeling can also be used for visualization and simulation of production processes, allowing for a better understanding and optimization of the entire process. For example, 3D modeling can be employed in designing new production lines.

Furthermore, 3D modeling is increasingly used to create interactive and advanced product visualizations that provide customers and users with a better understanding of the functionality and features of products. This, in turn, contributes to improving the design process and increasing competitiveness in the market.


We have extensive experience in engineering work, specializing in the design of tanks, equipment, pipelines, machinery, and expansion joints.

We utilize professional Autodesk software to provide our customers with 3D models of varying complexity.

We develop manufacturing documentation in the form of manufacturing drawings.

For complex projects, we offer FEA analyses (Finite Element Analysis). This numerical process is used to evaluate the mechanical strength of structures and equipment. It is a vital tool for engineers involved in design and analysis, ensuring that their products are safe and durable.

We collaborate with our clients at every phase of the project, from conceptualization to implementation, to ensure that our 3D models meet their requirements and expectations.

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